How to make a good research?

Text comments constitute one of the elementary tests to be overcome by any student in different subjects, such as art history, philosophy or, of course, language. Regardless of the specific subject in each case, the subject to be addressed and the type of text, whether a journalistic, literary, philosophical, historical, art, etc., there are a number of issues to consider to be able to elaborate a good text commentary and to be able to obtain a good result with it.

Some tips that I usually give my students to take them into account when commenting on a text are the following:

  1. It is essential to have read the text carefully and have understood correctly. Depending on the difficulty of the text, however, more or less readings will be necessary, but I advise that at least two readings of the text to be commented be made: the first reading will give us a general idea of the text, so that we can know what The subject is, from what perspective and what is the main idea; On the other hand, the second reading will also give us the secondary ideas and some more keys that have escaped us in the first reading. I also recommend that the second reading be more stopped and that it be in this when the student goes on to underline the most important ideas and concepts of the text.
  2. I also consider that it is fundamental to make a small outline before going on to make the comment itself. In this scheme, the main ideas of the text must be pointed out in order of priority, the most outstanding concepts and, if applicable, the argumentative line or the theoretical perspective that has been followed.
  3. Finally, we have to write what we had already explained in the outline and adding a personal opinion about the text at the end, always basing this opinion with arguments, whether we stand on the author’s side or oppose it.
  4. Once finished the comment is very important to spend a few minutes to review it in search of possible spelling mistakes or any other error in the writing that we may have committed. This will ensure that the comment will be delivered in the best possible way to obtain a good result.

And these are, in broad strokes, some of the tips that can be followed when making a good text comment, although there are many more guidelines and we must not stop adapting the general rule to each particular case. Because each student is a world.