The correction of texts is the work carried out by the proofreaders on the material written by the author of a work. To clarify this, the correction is made on the rough work, before being published. Although there are companies that are dedicated exclusively to perform this service, publishers also offer it for those who want to make their publications in them.

The correction rates of a pass text have several possibilities and generally it is not carried out by a single person, due to the large amount of work that is required to be done before delivery back to the client.

First step: the review of the written

As we will imagine carrying out the correction of a text is not possible if you have not read the text before. The common reading of a writing is for the review of the semantic content of it, we do not seek to find any errors that may be in the text. However, when a spell checker does his work he inspects each word looking for the errors to correct them. In most cases, the person carrying out the review work is the same person who is responsible for correcting errors, but in texts that are too long, this is not always the case.

Second step: the correction

The correction of the text is the part that achieves the objective of the work. It is at this point that the words that have been written in the wrong way are replaced, if they are only a spelling correction; or the sentences that lack clear syntax, unnecessarily repeated words, redundancies and more, in case of being a style correction. In any case, the proofreader must be very attentive to the way in which the words are used in the context. It takes a lot of time and several revisions to make sure the writing is in its optimal state.

Spell check

The spelling correction consists of the substitution of the misspelled words for their correct variants. Spelling errors are quite common and many times we do not realize when writing due to fatigue or lack of concentration. Regardless of whether the mistake was made through fatigue or ignorance, it must be corrected. Although there may be exceptions, especially in literary texts. These exceptions can be expressions or words in disuse that were used by the author with a specific purpose.

Style correction

The correction of style is something that not all authors accept in their work. Most cases are because it is considered not necessary. However, in the correction of style does not come at all bad. What is sought with this work is to eliminate redundancies, correct the use of nouns and check the syntax of sentences. In this way, the writing is optimized to simplify its reading and enrich it without changing the semantics. What the author writes continues to mean the same thing.